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    Proven & Reliable 
    With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Coleman Hanna is a well established brand with a reputation for quality and reliability in the car wash industry.

    Assess Needs and Find Best Fit 
    From site evaluation for current locations and thorough analysis of needs for new car wash operators, Coleman Hanna can offer the best fit for your unique needs and goals.

    Worldwide Distributor Support
    Coleman Hanna has distributors in over 75 countries from including Australia, Argentina, Italy, Japan, throughout the USA, and many more.

    Industry Innovators 
    Both Coleman and Hanna products have been industry innovators throughout history and this trend continues with our latest products today!

    Most Complete Line of Car Wash Equipment in the Industry  
    We are the only car wash manufacturer to offer a complete line of car wash equipment including conveyor equipment, in bay automatics, self serve equipment, and support equipment

    Expert Site Layout 
    Skilled CAD directors create the perfect site layout for your needs.

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