• Extreme Wash Systems

    We are A Car Washing and Equipment Installation Expert in Minnesota with 50+ years of car washing experience and 20 years of equipment installation and repair.


    Xtreme Wash Systems takes care of all of your car wash equipment needs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

    • Equipment Sales and Installation

    • Max Power Chemicals

    • Mobile Welding

    • On-Site Hydraulic Hose Making

    • Custom Installs

  • Xtreme Wash System Projects

    Car Wash Build and Installation

    In this video we highlight the New High Pressure Rinse system we installed in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Midway Express Car Wash.

    Semi Truck Car Wash Installation

    Lessors, Inc. hauls time sensitive temperature controlled products to Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Distributors around the country. They had a need for a large scale car wash system that could effectively clean their fleet.

    Car Wash Repair Services

    Our repair and maintenance service is fast and efficient. In this video we we replaced a Dryer Motor system. Even though it was a busy day at the wash, we only had to shut down the line for 10 minutes.

    Car Wash System Upgrades

    Check out the New Hubs and Neo-Glide Clothes we installed from Gallop. Giving this wash system a much needed upgrade to more effectively clean vehicles.


    Gallop makes cloth for all manufactures equipment and for
    equipment of all ages.

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